Don’t walk in the mud

Today I was trying to improve the drainage on a lawn that has become particularly boggy in places. Conditions for the work were perfect at the end of last week following a few dry and sunny days, but the powered lawn aerator I’d hired failed to turn up.

It rained a lot over the weekend, and so it was that this morning I had a soggy lawn again and 30 bags of sharp sand. I decided to cancel the aerator and get the guys to fork the grass by hand.

As the grass got walked on and prodded a strange thing happened. The underlying water got squeezed up to the surface more and more, and the bog spread out into previously un-boggy areas.

It struck me later that this is how things go when we try to work on a problem in our heads when we are bogged down with thoughts and feelings. The more we plod around the problem, the more of a quagmire we create.

There comes a point at which all we can do is step off the turf and let it be, because trampling over the ground is making things worse. There is a huge temptation to just try that bit harder to sort it out, but in fact the very best thing we can do at that moment is to just step back and let it be.

So we cleaned our boots and tools and went home to rustle up some heart warming baked beans on toast. I think the lawn was grateful that we had finally given in

English: Baked beans in tomato sauce ‪中文(繁體)â€...

English: Baked beans in tomato sauce ‪中文(繁體)‬: 一碗茄汁焗豆 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)