Fruits Of The Earth

Welcome To My Produce Garden! DSCF7383

I grow my fruit and vegetable produce on an allotment. A place where a diverse collection of folk tend their gardens with a vast range of skills, talents and tastes. It’s a lovely peaceful haven, tucked away where most don’t know it exists; a truly secret garden.

I don’t have any pretensions towards being self sufficient; it’s just not a realistic goal for me. However I really get a kick out of growing the things that I do. Not being self sufficient means that I can be indulgent, and choose to grow the things I love, without worrying about providing food supplies for the whole year.

Generally there’s always something in the garden to bring into the kitchen. Herbs of course, rhubarb in the spring, soft fruits like blackcurrants and strawberries in early summer, and raspberries and apples later on. I grow lots of different varieties of tomatoes, runner beans and courgettes of course, and there always seems to be some rocket to pick, even in the depths of winter because it has colonised the greenhouse.


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